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Gorgeous Labradorites with Fabulous Colors! (and final maker's mark design too) 05/24/11:

Here are a sampling of different labradorites and the amazing colors they can display!!  Aren't these stones fabulous?? So many designs/ideas, so little time... ;-)

Also, here is the final maker's mark metal stamp is in production now! I should have it in the next 2-3 weeks. It will be nice to make the things I create more "mine" by having a more distinct mark. That is a step I have been wanting to take for a while now, so I am quite excited about it! I wanted to do something different from the "kd" logo I already have (see above banner). I have been moving away from "Kiliari Designs" and more toward just "Kiliari" (my official business name), so the k alone (in combination with my leaf design at least) is more fitting.

I have mostly finished reworking my rutilated quartz ring. While I loved the look it had, the band just seemed too delicate for the wonderful stone. It now features a solid 14kt gold bezel setting (on a silver backplate) with 14kt gold balls on either side of it, and set on a more substantial hammered argentum silver band. I believe it is currently a size 7.5, but I still have to finish my clean up, polishing, and measuring. Pictures to follow soon!

Driving Day, and Ancient Egypt (05/21/11):

Today was the day I drive my kiddos to meet their dad. They will be visiting with him for the next three weeks. It is a full day's drive though, so not much creation occurred today. I did work a bit more on a new Egyptian Solar Scarab pendant I am making. Looking at just the thumbnail pictures on my computer the amazing labradorite at the center of it looks exactly like a beetle! It just cried out to be used in that way, so along with some inspiration from an ancient pendant from the tomb of Tutankhamun this modern pendant was born. Or, *being* born. It will still take a lot of forging for the sterling parts to be attached, then the bezel for the bottom semi-circle, then setting all of the stones (they are just laying on the settings in these pictures).

So first, here is a pictures of my wonderful kiddos peacefully snoozing during part of the trip today (I think I finally bored them with all of my comments and enthusiasm on '70s and '80s music, LOL!). Then is the ancient Egyptian pendant, my own version as a work in progress, and some real beetles that show the similarity with this stone. I also have some more GORGEOUS labradorites coming soon. I can't wait to get them and start plotting new designs!

Hmmm..."Generic Title" (05/18/11):

Sorry...the title-naming creativity has been beat out of me today, LOL! I have been frustrated at every turn it seems. Working with gold filled metal is horrible!! I cannot keep it cool enough to not destroy the finish (at least not with soldering it more than once...and all of my designs require multiple solderings). I finally decided it was time to step away from the bench for the day. I will just have to budget for some solid gold bezel wire and get busy with it!

I apologise for the delay in posting anything. I was sick for a while there, and have spent time catching up on my energy since. I have done things, but just haven't kept up with photographing/editing/listing etc. Here are a few more recent pictures that I hadn't put up yet. Some are in available my Etsy shop now. The opal and peridot pendant was special for Mom for Mother's Day, but I do have the materials to make another like it or similar.  I have some lovely stones coming in the mail soon. I can't wait to get them and start daydreaming up new designs!! Oh, and I got two new backgrounds for photography...a dark grey graphite tile and a white marble tile. I am excited to see how well they work.

Thursday/Friday Pieces (05/06/11):

Here are the pieces I made last night and tonight. Tonight was a tension-set wire-wrapped oval pink tourmaline on a shiny hammered band, and a tiger-striped labradorite pendant with heavy sterling ribbon and pink tourmaline bail. Last night was the "To Infinity and Beyond" sterling silver ring. It features an infinity symbol, but then an extra twist (that's the "beyond" part).  :-)

Better Pictures (I Hope!) (05/04/11):

Here are some pictures I took tonight...I am slowly figuring this out!  :-)

Latest Pieces: Two Rings (05/03/11):

Here are some not-so-hot photos of two rings I just made. I need to figure out this photo/lighting thing!! They really do look a whole lot better in person. :-/  The first is a 5mm blue-grey-touch-of-green tourmaline in a tapered bezel cone on a hammered sterling ring shank.  The second is an opal doublet with amazing fire (you've gotta see this looks like it has LEDs in it or every rainbow color too!), bezel set off axis on a circles stamped sterling ring shank.  I have to size them to know for sure, but I'm guessing 7 on the tourmaline and 8 on the opal (give or take 0.5 size or so...)

Gotta get to bed now...I'll try again for better pics later. :-)

Tents! And Light! (04/29/11):

Thanks to a wonderful friend I now have a light tent setup for taking pictures! I'm still working on getting a feel for the lighting etc, but here are the pictures I took tonight:

What I've Been Working On (04/24/11):

I've made a lot of pieces in the last few days. Here is a quickie picture update:

Finished At Heart Pendant and Chain (4/18/11):

At Heart pendant and chain with extender chain and two birthstone charms for Amy G.

Another Child's Briolette Necklace (4/17/11):

Well, today was such a lovely day! After so much destruction yesterday it made today seem that much more beautiful. The family got to walk around the arboretum this afternoon and look at all the beautiful plants, enjoying the sunshine in our faces (which was sorely needed).  Later we went and kicked the soccer ball around a bit, and threw lacrosse until the sun had almost set. The kids did awesome at everything and we all had a really great time! Too bad the weekend has to come to an end. *sigh*

Here are a few quickie pictures of another child's necklace I made tonight. This one is a swiss blue briolette wire wrapped on a silverplated swirl pendant with a tiny sterling silver charm. It is a heart charm that was hand sawn, shaped, stamped with an initial and oxidized. The pendant is on a satiny cord (green was the color of choice by the lovely young lady) with silverplated wirewrapped ends on a magnetic clasp.

Rutile: Up Close and Personal (4/14/11):

I had someone ask about the gorgeous rutilated quartz I used in this ring, so I wanted to try and take photos that would show the distribution and color of the rutile crystals. There are plenty of bright golden crystals distributed well with the most concentrated region at the middle of the stone. The only dark spot in the stone is deep in the middle sort of under the upper crystals. I tried to catch it in the pictures, but the only place you can see it is in the third picture from the side-view (faint darker streak at the end of one crystal).  The twisted sterling shank is approximately 2.4 to 2.7mm wide at the back, and splits apart into two sections that are each about 1.3mm wide. I wanted to be sure the design of the shank didn't take away from this wonderful stone. It is dainty without feeling flimsy, and has been tumble-hardended to make it strong. The ring is a size 7.5, and is ready to ship. See the listing and other photos here on my Etsy website.

Photos of items that will be in my Etsy shop soon (4/11/11):

Here are some photos I took of a few things I'll be listing in the next day or two.

Final Photos of the London Blue Topaz Ring Before it Ships Out (4/10/11):

Here are the final pictures of the ring for my customer in the great white north, eh? :-)  As always, I can't wait to hear what she thinks of it! I'm hoping she will be very pleased. I love custom orders!

New Ring from Today: Ametrine Tension Set/Wire Wrap (4/9/11):

I made an interesting ring today (with a bit of creative input from my dearest husband--thanks!) It is an emerald-cut ametrine that has been tension set in a hammered sterling silver band, then wire wrapped at the base of the setting. I've also finished the topaz ring from pictures of it to follow.

Studio Pics of Ring in Progress (4/8/11):

Here are some pictures of a ring I am making for a customer in Canada. *waves to our hockey friends to the north!* And speaking of which, 'bout those Carolina Hurricanes tonight! WOW!  Keeping fingers and toes crossed that it continues. Well...not the fingers when I'm making jewelry...that could be BAD. ;-)

Ok, back to jewelry.  :-)  This is a gorgeous 7mm london blue topaz, and I am setting it in a partial bezel setting on a split shank sterling silver ring like one I have made previously (it's pictured in my Etsy store banner, as well as on this website). These are pictures of it in progress. It still is not completed, but I am down to the finishing stages. It still needed some more smoothing, polishing and tumbling before it is finished completely. I'll put up more pictures when it's completed! It is a size 9 by the way. I think it looks better than the original!!

New pictures of my Hubby's ring (4/6/11):

Here are some official pictures of the new ring I made for my dearest hubby. Sadly, no time for me to add anything else today! I am working out the plans for a ring for a new customer in Canada. I've ordered her stone (7mm london blue topaz) and plan to start working on it this weekend. That should be fun! :-)  I'll post pictures of it as soon as I can.

Oops! Forgot to put these pics up: a child's twisted heart crystal briolette birthday necklace (4/6/11):

I forgot to put these pics up. They are not high end photos but they show the basic design. The clasp is magnetic for safety (comes apart easily if pulled to avoid choking).

Archived front page news and pictures are located here.

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